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Flip Flop Spanish (Schoolhouse Review)

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One thing my children want to learn is Spanish.  So far I have exposed the boys, but we have been inconsistent and hodgepodge about actually learning.  Recently I was given the opportunity to try See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish from Flip Flop Learning by Señora Gose, and I was very excited.  I knew I would have two very happy little boys!

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Señora Gose is a bilingual mother and Spanish teacher who also writes curriculum and supports the homeschool community.  See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish (retail $129.95, currently priced at $99.95) is a multi-sensory Spanish program "for ages 3 to 93" and can be used for the whole family.

What's Included?
3 Sets of Flashcards
4 Audio CD's
Whiteboard Paddle & Dry Erase Marker
45 Lessons {that are already hole punched} for two years of instruction

The cards within each color set are numbered, and the lesson plans tell you not only which card, but also what color/number (v26 would be card 26 from the Verde stack) so it makes it much easier to find the ones you need for the lesson very quickly.  Searching for the cards was the most amount of prep work involved.

This is a really easy program to follow.  The lesson plans are well laid out, but everything is right on the the CD too, so instead of "teaching" I get to participate too.  I just put in the CD, flip to the the track that is listed on the lesson plan, and we all follow the directions.  Sometimes she speaks a little quickly, so I have to pause frequently so the boys have a chance to find the card, make the sentence and/or repeat the phrase, but luckily they are okay with that.  The tracks are very short, so it's easy to repeat just a small section or only part of the lesson if necessary.

The "flip flop" comes into play, because one side of each card is a picture, and the other side has the English and Spanish word/phrase.  Children can flip it over, read it and flop it back down.  I think this is helpful for tactile and visual learners.

The lessons are designed so that you complete the same lesson three times a week.  The repetition helps with fluency, recognition and speed.  I found this very doable, because the lessons are short and fun.  We have really enjoyed this curriculum so far.  My boys are 4 and 6, and while my younger son enjoys the lessons with us sometimes, it's really a great fit for my older son.  Both boys will randomly call out words they know.  Sometimes we practice in the car, but I have heard the boys using the words in conversation too.  One evening, after the first couple of lessons, my older son told me: "Necesito el helado." (I need ice cream.) I looked at him skeptically, but he gave me a smile sly smile, and said "No really, I do!"  His reasoning was that he could practice the words we had been learning!

I like that it really is conversational, and not based on worksheets, which makes it appropriate for my younger kids, but there are also optional writing and drawing exercises for older students.  Señora Gosa also provides her email address should the older students have questions about grammar.  I think this is a valuable resource.  I also appreciate that early in the lessons, she starts giving instructions in Spanish too, so while it's technically not part of the "lesson" there is even more exposure to the language than you realize.

The program is a bit pricey up front, but I can recommend it because it is a two year program, and can be adapted for the whole family and multiple learning styles.  Plus, it is fun!

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  1. Brittney, We are using this as well and loving it, even with older kiddos! We have found that the more the kids repeat the sentences the more comfortable they are with speaking Spanish out loud. Good review!

  2. This looks like a wonderful item, I didn't want to try to use it just because we have so much going on but I sure think when its time for "Spanish" this would be a great addition to our family.