Monday, September 16, 2013

When Nature Study Just Happens

"Hey momma, what's this green stuff?"

"That's lichen."

"What's lichen?"

"Well, it's sort of a type of fungus . . . "

And then he was gone.

The next day, when we were back near that tree:  "What's this stuff called again?"


"Can we take some of this lichen off the tree for our nature journal?"


Emory's getting pretty good at finding insects.  He was absolutely thrilled and dragged me over so I could see.

He is not particularly scared of anything he finds.


"Charlotte" here hung out for several days.  I think she was a black and yellow garden spider, or argiope aurantia.  I was not allowed to relocate her, as the boys found her enormous size fascinating.  She provided a lot of great opportunities for observation, because we observed her markings, and also noted that her web was in an open/sunny area and along the eave of our house.  Her web also had the zigzag pattern and she was usually flipped upside down, except in this moment when the dog brushed into the bush and she flipped over quickly.


Then there are times when Daddy gets involved.  One time he called and says "I'm bringing something home for the boys . . . "  Apparently when Husband arrived at work, several people were staring at Mr. Rhino, who was already dead when they found it.  Of course Husband knew the kids would enjoy seeing it.

Then there was the time he walked inside with a "Hey boys . . . "  I could hear Emory oohing and ahh-ing from the other room!  Manny here was fun because his little head would turn slowly back and forth if we entered his line of vision.  He was very observant himself!

I don't need to plan a science curriculum.  The boys of this family are doing that on their own.

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  1. Awesome! That spider would have scared me good though! That rhino one is cool, is it some sort of beetle?

  2. How cool! Sounds like your boys are getting a great start with some nature study in your own back yard!