Monday, September 9, 2013

X and Y

I kind of missed the X post.  I don't even remember having a topic picked out for it, but I was playing tic-tac-toe on the beach with Elliott and I realized it was a good fit.  We also had a lot of Emory drawing X's and exclaiming "X marks the spot!"

{No pictures of the fun, because we were too busy having fun!}

Y is for young.  We were sitting in the hotel the other day, and the boys were asking to go back down to the beach.  We were tired, and we could have been lazy and told them no.  But we realize that our children are only young  Yes, it is cliche, but as they were asking, I was thinking about my nephews.  In 10 years, they will be the same age as my nephews are now, and they may not think that it's fun to hang out with mom and dad on the beach, or make sand angels or giggle at their sister as she splashes in the water.  So we tell the boys that since it's late we are only going for a walk, but that we can go back down.  Try not to get wet or dirty, we tell them.  Of course they are wading knee deep in the water and have sand halfway up their bodies.  I want to remind them not get dirty, but I quickly give up.  They are little boys.  They are wired for the digging and jumping and splashing and running.  We have made the decision to offer these experiences, but we have to let go, step out of our comfort zone, and let them enjoy the experience in a way that makes sense to them.  It is my job as mom and teacher to let them explore and learn in a safe environment.  I have to step back and let them be young, and just enjoy the mess and fuss that goes with it!

I'm a little late getting this post up with preparing for vacation and enjoying the vacation, but I am linked up to Blogging through the Alphabet.

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