Saturday, October 5, 2013

Do Something Nice Day

October 5th is Do Something Nice Day.  So go out and anonymously do something nice for someone else!

Need ideas?
  • Rake leaves for your neighbor
  • Cook dinner for the new mom down the street
  • Pay for someone's meal at a restaurant 
  • Visit a nursing home and chat with the residents who don't get visitors
  • Volunteer somewhere
  • Let someone cut in front of you in line at the grocery store
  • Send out a few handwritten letters to family or friends
  • Call up an old friend and take them out to lunch
  • Put a sweet note in your spouse's car to brighten their day
  • Send flowers to someone for no reason
  • Thank a veteran
  • Leave extra on your tip if you go out to eat
  • Encourage others to pay it forward

What's something nice that someone (friend, spouse or stranger) has done for you that completely surprised you?

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  1. I had no idea there was a day set aside for this...thanks! :)

    1. I didn't either, but it reminds me to be more intentional about it!

  2. How fun! Someday I am going to buy groceries for the harried mom with many kids in line behind me at the market. Someday. :)

    For now, I'll have to stick to the little things: the loaves of bread, a note, a phone call, a treat, a dinner invitation.

    I think serving others is good for the soul (mine and theirs!) :)

    1. I agree. It's always a blessing to be surprised, and I love when I see my children catching on and serving others too.

  3. I had no idea that this was today. This is something we should be doing every day :) Well a little something nice goes a long way :)

    1. I came across it on the calendar when I was looking for fun, random holidays for the kids to enjoy. I didn't know this existed until a couple weeks ago, but it is a good reminder to be kind and try to help others all year.