Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fire Prevention Day

The second week of October is Fire Prevention Week, and October 9th is Fire Prevention Day, so I decided this week was a great week to review Fire Safety and Prevention, since there was so much available this week.

Field Trip
Daddy took the boys to the Home Depot Kids Workshop on Saturday, because that's a semi-regular "boys day out" activity they like to do anyway.  This month they built a Fire Rescue Plane.  They were given a lot of extra goodies, including a LEGO City {fire truck} Kit, Fire Safety activity papers from LEGO and Lifegear, and stickers.  They also gave daddy a can of tundra which apparently acts similar to a fire extinguisher.

The kids also got to see the inside of a police car and get in a fire truck!  You can tell Daddy is not a blogger, as he forgot to take pictures of the kids enjoying this, but they were given firefighter hats too.  They had a blast!

Escape Plan!
We stressed the first and most important thing to do in a fire is immediately GET OUTSIDE and get AWAY from the house.  We have a meet-up location next door, and the kids can get there safely without an adult if necessary.  I intended to have the boys draw a diagram of their bedroom with arrows pointing to each escape route, but we're going to do the full floor plans with the papers from Home Depot later.

Elliott did draw a picture indicating that if a fire is between him and the door, he should go out the window!

Other Stuff
Stop, Drop and Roll - We all remember this one right!
Fire Hazards - We've gone through and looked for potential fire hazards
Smoke Detectors - We changed the batteries in all the smoke detectors
Practice Drill - Practicing opening windows and going to your safety spot is always a great idea!
Lesson plans from the U.S. Fire Administration - if you need ideas
Sparky's Birthday Surprise  - A new free app.  Cute for the younger crowd.

Read Alouds
Rescue Dogs, Firefighting Heroes and Science Facts
Fighting Fires by Seymour Simon
The Fire Cat by Esther Averill
Curious George and the Firefighters Margaret and H.A. Rey

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