Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Physical Education

This week's Homeschool Photo Challenge is Physical Education.

Physical Education in a homeschool is pretty easy with two active boys.  We discuss why it is important to exercise.  Then we are active.  We are not currently participating in organized sports, but that option is never off the table.  The boys do both have a gym class in co-op, and there is game time at church.  We go outside and the boys run races and play tag.  They climb trees and play on the swing set.  They build obstacle courses and go swimming.  We go on nature walks, play ball, ride bikes and jump on the trampoline.

We do normal kid things.

What does PE look like in your homeschool?

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  1. Oh this is fun. My boys would LOVE a full scale trampoline at our house. Thankfully, their grandma has one at her house, so they can play there. We're like you - nothing "official", but with boys around, there's ALWAYS exercise lol. Thanks so much for joining in! :)

    1. Yes, there is never a dull moment in our house! The trampoline is awesome for wearing off energy right before bath time too. ;)