Saturday, November 2, 2013

Can't-Wait Willow! A Book Review & Giveaway

I love when children's literature is not only interesting to read, but offers a take-away message as well.  Can't-Wait Willow is a very fun book for the kids, and a keeper in mom's eyes.

Meet Willow, a little girl who has to learn the trade-offs between instant gratification and delayed gratification.  Written by Christy Ziglar, a financial planner and mother of twins (and the niece of legendary Zig Ziglar), Can't-Wait Willow is the first book in the new series, and is about making the right choices.

In the story, Willow is very excited about the circus coming to town!  She sets out with high expectations, but along the way spends her money on many little things like ice cream, a toy and lemonade.  By the time she reaches the circus, she is out of both money and time.  Willow can't buy the cotton candy she has been waiting for, and the circus is already ending by the time she arrives.

When Willow was upset that she missed everything, my 4 year old said "No she didn't . . . " and gave an example of something that Willow had enjoyed on the way that he thought was exciting.  It really is interesting how a child's perception plays a role in what is important.

Willow is given a second chance.  Will she make the same mistakes again?  It's perhaps not the same way I would go about giving my own children a second chance, but that is a great opportunity to open up dialogue.  The whole story, in fact, is perfect for discussing how we handle things like patience, delayed gratification, and second chances.

This book is filled with vibrant and colorful illustrations that make it very inviting to the child.  Luanna Marten did a great job of making the pictures fun and engaging for children.  All of my kids enjoyed looking through the book prior to reading the story.

Overall, we all enjoyed the book.

You can purchase this delightful book yourself from Barnes and Nobles, if you don't win this giveaway.

Giveaway Time!
I have the opportunity give away one copy of this delightful book.  The giveaway is open to adults (18+) in the United States or Canada.  One winner will be randomly selected on November 11th, 2013 and contacted via email.  Winner must confirm within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen.  Thank you!

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