Friday, November 22, 2013

Random 5 on Friday, November 22, 2013

1.   I am thrilled to share that I have been asked back to the Schoolhouse Review Crew as part of the 2014 team!  The Crew has been a huge blessing to our homeschool, and I can't imagine homeschooling without it.  In case you missed it, the crew recently voted on the Blue Ribbon Awards, and we were asked to share our own personal favorites as well.  It was so hard to narrow it down, but here are my Best of the Best!

2.  There will be changes at co-op next semester, for both me and Elliott.  I asked to have Elliott moved up to the next class.  He's on the "older" end of his class right now, and it's a big age range, so I felt like it would benefit him more to move up after the break.  From my understanding, another mom asked to have her daughter moved for the same reason, so I don't feel so guilty asking.

3.  The other change at co-op is that I will not be assisting in art anymore.  I was asked to lead the class.  Say whhaaa?  Yeah . . . and I agreed.  I guess the mom who is teaching now won't be there next semester, so they asked me to take it.  I always thought of myself as artistically challenged, but it's not so terribly bad being in there.  I'm up for a challenge.  Unless things change between now and then, I'll have two classes, with kids ranging from 6-9, and after that I'll probably end up in nursery.  Eleanor generally makes it through my two classes but co-op is during prime nap time, and she doesn't sleep well outside of the house, so I usually sit with her so she's not fussy.

4.  Elliott came out with Yahtzee last night, and my first thought was Noooo!  I think board games are a phenomenal educational supplement, but it was almost bedtime and I honestly hate teaching the rules for games we've never played with the kids.  It's agonizing for me.  I almost told him no, but the way he asked won me over.  "Can we do math?"  See the thing is, it wasn't just "Can we play a game?"  He recognized that this game was all about math, and he wanted to do math.  Or maybe he tricked me.  Who knows.  Either way, he caught on quickly and it was a fun game!

5.  The husband caved and the kids won, and the tree went up early.  Elliott liked helping.

Notice anything about that picture?  Yes . . . that is Emory, underneath our tree.  That's his idea of helping.

I seriously couldn't have posed Eleanor any cuter.  These are the lights for the boys' room.

Perhaps it is the jeans, but she looked so darn cute.

Loving her smile.

Okay, I'm done.

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  1. Yahtzee is a favorite in our house! Good luck in your co-ops nd congratulations on coming back to the crew.