Friday, November 8, 2013

Stories of the Pilgrims Audiobook Review & Giveaway!

The autumn season brings us thoughts of fall foliage, pumpkins and Thanksgiving!  I always try to incorporate the seasons and holidays into our homeschool, and when it comes to learning about Thanksgiving, I try to use a variety of interesting and living resources.

Stories of the Pilgrims by Jim Hodges Audio Books is the newest addition to my Thanksgiving living book list!

"Beginning with Queen Anne's visit to Scrooby Inn, Stories of the Pilgrims tells, in story form, the everyday life of the Pilgrims in England and Holland, of their voyage on the Mayflower, and their adventures in the New World.  The Brewster children and other Pilgrim boys and girls are the center of interest."

We have never really utilized audio books in our homeschool before, but this was a good one to start with.  Jim Hodges has a pleasant voice, and gets engaged in his reading.  We have all enjoyed this audio book, and there is something for everyone in my family.  I loved hearing my 6 year old walk in the room and randomly ask "Pilgrims, please!"

There are 43 tracks, totaling 4 hours and 10 minutes.  With the exception of only three tracks, all of the them are under ten minutes, making it easy enough for us to listen to track by track, so even my 4 year old could participate.  However, it is also engaging enough that it would make a great treat for that long car ride to grandma's over the Thanksgiving holiday.

It's also perfect for a full-fledged Thanksgiving Unit Study, especially if you have the accompanying Study Guide.  While we don't personally do worksheets, they cover things like vocabulary and comprehension, and the rest of the study guide is packed full of interactive and hands-on activities.  There are suggestions for mapping assignments, comparing types of Bibles, arts and crafts, learning Dutch and many other enrichment activities that will help bring the stories to life.  This is the type of resource that turns an audio book into a resource for every type of learner, because there are activities for every learning style.  The study guide is on sale for $5 for the month of November!

You can get Stories of the Pilgrims audio download on SALE for only $15 during the month of November, and you can even sample the first chapter for FREE before you buy!  You can also read all of the other reviews from the Bow of Bronze Launch Team to see how other families have used this lovely audio book in their homeschool!

In addition the great sale going on right now, there is a fabulous giveaway right now as part of the launch promotion.  One lucky reader will win The Complete Collection of downloadable titles from Jim Hodges Audio books!  This is valued at over $700 and would be a lovely addition to any homeschool curriculum or history lover's home!  The second place winner will receive 20 G.A. Henty titles (also as downloads) as recorded by Jim Hodges Audio Books, which is another fabulous prize!  Good luck!

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