Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Nativity Story {an app review}

We love books and we love educational apps, so you can imagine how much we enjoy quality book apps for the iPad and iPhone.

I was recently given the opportunity to review the app The Nativity Story, by Puddle Tap Publishing, which is a beautiful retelling of the original Christmas story.  The app is done in book format, retold by Michael Seidelman.

The app opens with the music to The First Noel, and you can choose from English, French or Spanish.  The fact that it is offered in Spanish is a bonus, because we can have a fun immersion experience with this app to aid in our foreign language studies.  There is a Read by Myself option for independent readers, but the Read to Me option includes the printed words and the audio, for a multi-sensory experience.  Created with classic woodcut style illustrations, this app is absolutely beautiful.  There is a charming vintage feel.  It's also like a pop-up/interactive style book, where the kids can touch and swipe the screen to ring the bell, knock on the door, make people talk, or create music.  There were some liberties taken with the conversational parts, and sometimes the voices were a little awkward, but the app is is definitely engaging and interactive.

Emory and Daddy "reading" the book one night on daddy's phone

The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.
The Nativity Story Popup Deluxe Edition for iPad is $3.99
The Nativity Story Popup Mini Edition for iPhone is $1.99

The Nativity Story app is recommended for ages 2-8 and I find this accurate.  The app is engaging, easy to navigate, and the various interactive options make it appealing to the wide age range.  I believe it is a great family app, and perfect for the Christmas season!

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