Monday, November 25, 2013

Things that make me Happy

Taking nature walks

A good book

Fresh sheets on my bed

Hearing "I love you" from my kids


Organizing a bookshelf

Girls night with my friends

Watching comedies

Hearing my children giggle uncontrollably 

Successfully cooking a new recipe

The dog's happy dance 

Comments on my blog

Listening to thunderstorms

Surprise cards or letters in the mail 

When the Husband cooks dinner 

Homemade Christmas ornaments

Christmas lights

Hot towels fresh from the dryer

Laughing with my husband until we're in tears

When the baby sleeps through the night

Quirky roadside attractions

Pictures of babies on Facebook

Homemade cheesecake

Cuddling with my husband 

Looking at old pictures

Finishing a to-do list

Watching it snow

Eating dessert for breakfast

Watching a baby sleep

What makes you happy?

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  1. Here's to add to your happiness! (This comment!)

    Watching a baby sleep (or any child) is one of the best things ever!

    1. Woohoo! Somebody got the hint! ;-)

      I agree--I could watch my children sleep all night, and take a nice long peak at each one of them every night.

  2. I would say lots of these are my favorites too. A good book and a hot bubble bath would top the list most nights. :-)

    1. I'm probably the only woman I know that doesn't love a hot bubble bath...but I do love a hot shower that goes uninterrupted!