Thursday, November 14, 2013

Those Random Moments

Homeschooling is a joy.  I know I just recently opened up about how I struggle with the effort that goes into homeschooling, but in reality, it is a wonderful thing.  There is just something special about those random moments during the day, that make my heart happy.

Like turning the corner to find my son engrossed in a "Dr. Seuss Reading Extravaganza"

Or taking a special walk to the grandparent's farm to see how the foal is growing.

And watching my kid run through open fields with his dog, looking for just the right color leaf for his fall scavenger hunt.

Or watching him carefully count his money, before he takes it to the bank to cash in at the coin counter.

Or seeing my boys work quietly together on Henri Matisse inspired art.

Or watching them do nature study . . .

It's just those random, sweet moments that make all that effort worth it!

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  1. Agreed! Agreed! Agreed! What lovely moments!

    1. You were one of the moms who has inspired me to "let go" and embrace the natural moments! So thank you!