Saturday, December 21, 2013

Candy for Special Occasions {Les Cinq Amandes Review}

I am a lover of chocolates and candies.  I believe they even got a spot on my "Things that make me happy" list.  Recently I was given the opportunity to review a sample from Les Cinq Amandes, which sells beautiful artisan confections and gifts.  I'm also partial to pretty things.  Oh Happy Sigh!

Les Cinq Amandes artisan candy review

What is Les Cinq Amandes?
The Five Almonds- Les Cinq Amandes is a place where artistry meets confectionery. We curate the finest candies from around the world, in an array of colors and flavors, including the Grand Cru Avola Almond, to create unique gift presentations. We also offer an interactive on line store, where customers can create their own custom gifts.

Doesn't it sound lovely already?  As part of my sample package, I received the Chocolate DragéesPetite PistachiosChic CaramelTiramisu Seduction and Orange Peel Fait Maison.  I was so excited to try such a variety of flavors and textures.

First of all, I was delighted just to see the candy.  Each individual package had such a nice presentation.  Do the blue Dragées not scream little boy baby shower!?  The elegant packaging didn't last long though, as we had a few eager taste-testers in our home.  So here are my thoughts.  The dark chocolate was rich, but not bitter or overpowering.  The candy coating on the Chocolate Dragées and Petite Pistachios was not too sweet at all.  All of the flavors were well balanced.  My favorite, though, were definitely the caramels.  All I can say is wow!  The chocolate caramel was a bit firm, but still had such a decadent flavor.  The traditional caramel was perfectly chewy, slightly salty, and deliciously sweet.  Absolutely divine!

These are a special treat, and as such are are absolutely perfect for special occasions.  You can create custom orders, which means they can be personalized for just about everything you can imagine.  These would be lovely additions to baby showers, or if you like to make a special gift basket for the mother-to-be, these would be a perfect addition for her to enjoy!  They would also be great for bridal showers, as wedding favors, or at milestone anniversary parties.  The fact that you can customize your order means they would be a great gift for the foodie in the family, or that person who has everything.  Really, there are unlimited uses for these delectable and beautiful treats.  

Reader Discount!
Les Cinq Amandes is being kind enough to share a special discount with my readers!  You can receive 10% off your purchase with the code HOLIDAY10!

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