Friday, December 13, 2013

Confessions of a Bibliophile

I've missed the last few weeks of the Weekly Homeschool Photo Challenge, but this one caught my eye.  The theme is The Book Collection.  You know, all those books that homeschoolers are known for having throughout their home.  Well now . . . I have books.  I have so many books that Husband has taken to rolling his eyes when I come home with new books.

Husband says I have a problem.  An obsession.  I say it's a passion.  It's not the books that are the problem, it's the process of storing and organizing said books.  But before I show you The Book Collection, be warned.  I'm just keeping it real in these photos!  We are not like some of those blogging mama's out there with pristine, picture-perfect, alphabetically, chronologically, topically, color-coded organized bookshelves.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but if you're one of those moms, you might want to stop now.  Or keep reading, but don't judge.

This is the boys' bookshelf.  It is the majority of our picture books.  There's still a large box in the building that is not unpacked.  This bookshelf does have moments of being nice and orderly . . .

Then stuff like this happens.

This shelf is slightly more organized.  It's in Eleanor's closet, hence the baby clothes hanging down.  The top shelf is mostly workbooks, curriculum we don't use and the like.  I need to weed it out.  There's also a few poetry anthologies up there too.  The rest of the shelf is full of novels, math readers and living books.  This shelf is mostly books that can be used now and within the next year or so.  There's also a box or two in the corner of this closet, full of books that haven't been shelved yet.

Then there's this shelf.  It's also disorganized in this photo, but it usually gets straightened up at the end of the day and for the weekend.  It's full of current curriculum and seasonal books.  And whatever other people think belong on my shelf.

This Thirty-One bag is full of library books.  I ask that all library books be kept in this bag, with the receipt, so I can keep count of what we have checked out.  Not a fan of lost books.

I have a lot of boxes of books too.  There's a third bookshelf that instead of holding books, is currently full of art supplies.  That could be why there are so many boxes.  This particular box was kept packed up because they were middle elementary and up, but I went through it to see what we might be interested in reading soon.

The more mature classics, high school level and up, are also stored in my closet for now.  The husband is a hoarder of cookbooks.  He has an entire kitchen cabinet FULL of them.  These are just a few.  I think they count towards our homeschool books, since there's one of his grandmother's books with recipes (family history, local culture), we count growing herbs as nature study, and we cook for school.  The ziploc bag would probably be the screws from the trampoline, since we took it down to avoid any more weather-related catastrophes.  Not that you cared.

So there you have it.  A portion of our disorganized book collection.

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  1. Love it! I have several of these kinds of shelves too - from the disorganized kid shelf to the shelves of unused curriculum! Thanks so much for joining in! :)