Tuesday, December 10, 2013


When I did the last round of blogging through the alphabet, I featured our chocolate lab Bailey in D is for Dog, so I thought I better give a shout out to another one of our furry companions.

We got our West Highland White Terrier just a few months after we got married.  A coworker of mine was moving and couldn't take her dogs.  I have sucker stamped on my forehead when it comes to dogs that need homes.  Two of our three dogs came to us that way.  She was just the first.  She came with the name June, but she answers to several different names.


June Carter.

June June.


June Bug.

She is almost 9 years old now, and our kids have grown up with this dog.  She has always been silly and quirky.  She still chases the vacuum.  She used to carry around small stuffed toys, but she never has actually played with or chewed on dog toys.  She dances for a treat, but the only other command she faithfully obeys is "Go lie down" at bedtime.  If we're getting ready to go somewhere, she knows the drill, and is usually already in her bed before we even get ready to call her.  She knows the sound of a plate falling from the highchair to the floor.

She also loves her baths.  Even if she does look creepy.

Just a fun little post for "J" week in blogging through the alphabet.

Blogging Through the Alphabet

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