Monday, December 23, 2013

Learning with Mom's Heart and SchoolhouseTeachers

Charlotte Mason Preschool

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I am very excited to announce that I will be joining SchoolhouseTeachers soon!  I will be combining my favorite educational method with my favorite age group, and writing a course called Charlotte Mason Preschool.  I have found that the Charlotte Mason methods are ideal for preschoolers, and the opportunities for learning and growth are rich within a Charlotte Mason inspired environment.  The course, which starts in January, will be designed to help parents who are looking for engaging activities that are appropriate for preschoolers; activities that hold true to the idea that the preschool years should be informal and based on play, natural learning opportunities and outdoor experiences.

If you are a member of SchoolhouseTeachers, I would love for you to check it out, try it with your preschoolers (activities will be geared for 2-5 year old children) and let me know what you think!

If you are not a member, why not?  If you are not familiar with SchoolhouseTeachers, let me take a moment to tell you just how amazing they are.  SchoolhouseTeachers is a division of The Old Schoolhouse, and as you know, I'm also a member of The Schoolhouse Review Crew too.  They are a fantastic company to work with, and I'm thrilled to be forming another relationship with them.

SchoolhouseTeachers is a phenomenal resource website where the courses are contributed by people who are talented, knowledgeable and passionate about the subject they are sharing.  It's like an educational co-op full of amazing courses.  They offer material from preschool to high school, and even classes for families.  I'm particiularly excited about the Tinkers Club for my 7 year old.  What a neat way to engage my hands-on child!

There are also many courses that are compatible with the Charlotte Mason method, from nature study to art, to foreign languages, to music and more.  Just to name a few . . .
  • Charlotte Mason Homeschooling
  • Nature/Outdoors
  • Art Techniques 
  • Asia:  Safari 
  • French or Spanish or Hands on Hebrew
  • Guitar or Violin or Music-Voice or Recorder
  • Tinkers Club
  • Logic
  • Photography
  • Computer Science/Programming
  • Beginning Sewing
  • Family Monthly Reading List
  • Everyday Copywork
  • Simply Shakespeare
That is just a small sample of the variety of courses offered through SchoolhouseTeachers.  The courses change over time, some are archived and some end.  It's ever-changing and evolving, but always offers something fresh and unique for your homeschool.  Really, there's so much offered that most families could probably homeschool everyone in the family with just this one resource.  There are specific higher level math and science courses, writing courses and many other electives.  The teachers come from a wide background; some are homeschoolers, some are public school teachers, some are authors, curriculum publishers, scientists, musicians, and more.  I am truly amazed at the depth of the knowledge available through this one resource, and I'm honored to be joining this community!  

If you ever have any questions about SchoolhouseTeachers or the Charlotte Mason Preschool course, please feel free to contact me!

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