Friday, December 6, 2013

Random 5 on Friday ~ December 6, 2013

1.  Last Saturday, for Small Business Saturday, I spent the day with some of the ladies of the family.  We shopped, had lunch, and shopped some more. It's a lot of fun, and I got to visit a couple of used book shops.  The reader, the homeschooler in me . . . I can't resist.  I could spend all day perusing books, but especially children's books.  Even better, is that one store had children's books half off, and the other gave me a punch ticket towards future purchases.  Yay!  I found some of my childhood favorites, classics, books from the AO curriculum (which I use as a spine), and some that were just plain fun for the kids.  I am doing the baby's room in Raggedy Ann/Andy, so the little picture inside the book was a nice surprise.  It will look cute in a simple frame.

2.  I would like to extend my apologies to the UPS driver who apparently is no longer willing to come to my house.  He must be a new guy on this route, because most drivers leave my packages with my neighbor. He's actually been stopping at my house, and I was thrilled.  Then last night happened.  Tonight, he delivered the package to my in-laws house!  He told them our dog went crazy on him.  She darted out past me as I tried to meet him outside, and she did go a little Cujo, but it was dark, pouring the rain and I heard him yell.  She never moved from the yard to the driveway near him, though.  She's not aggressive, but she knows how to be intimidating.  Once she saw me calling her off, she backed off, but I think he was not happy.  He's not the first to be scared of her.  I feel really bad, because I imagine delivery guys do have a hard time with watch/guard dogs . . . but I don't suppose he would believe me now if I told him she's really a fantastic dog.

3.  Speaking of the dog, Eleanor has recently decided she doesn't like her either. The dog ran past her in close proximity, and while she never touched her, and is a gentle giant with the kids, it scared the baby, and now she gets mad when she's nearby, or barking . . . and apparently even while watching her eat.  I was feeding her a homemade pearsicle (??) and she gave Bailey the stink-eye the entire time.

4.  Nick the Elf is back.  Lucky for mommy, he doesn't do much of anything except lay around, because he was touched on his first day back.  I think he's been "sick" or in the "elf hospital" every year.  Emory can't help himself.

5.  My sweet boy turned 7 years old.  SEVEN!!  Nooo . . .

I always thought "Where has the time gone?" was an overused exaggeration, but now I understand.

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    1. Haha I know what you mean! My husband says I have an obsession with children's books. I call it a passion! :)