Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Seven Years Later

You entered this world completely helpless, dependent on two people who already loved you more than you can ever know.  Five days late.  7 lbs, 15 oz and 21 inches.  A robust and healthy baby boy.  We were young, scared and pretty helpless ourselves.  You were incredible, though.  You really were.  You were an easy baby.  You were a good eater, you never cried, and you were a phenomenal sleeper.

You spoiled us, is what you did.  You made parenting look easy.  Seven years later, we know parenting is not easy.

You were born a beautiful baby.  I remember strangers stopping me to tell me how beautiful you were, even though boys aren't supposed to be beautiful, they said.  Look at those dark eyes, they said.  He is simply beautiful, they said.

Seven years later, you are still as handsome as ever.

You were always a a happy baby.  You never had stranger anxiety, and you loved attention.  Seven years later, and you are shy at first, slow to warm up, but you are still a happy child, and definitely love attention.

As a baby, you had several distinct laughs, one of which sounded like a billy goat, and made mommy and daddy laugh so hard!  Seven years later, we still love to hear you laugh.  Your happiness makes us happy.

I always loved watching you sleep as a baby.  I still do.  You were a wild sleeper, though, and I moved you over to a toddler bed before you were even two years old.  Seven years later, you're still a wild sleeper.

You were a typical toddler.  Energetic, silly, and full of fun!

Seven years later, you still love playgrounds, nature walks and being outdoors.

When you became a big brother, you suddenly looked so big.

You are a great big brother, though, and your still dote attention on your brother and sister.  They are very lucky to have you, and they adore you.

You still love making faces for the camera.

You still love having books read to you . . .

You still love the water and especially the ocean!

You are a Lego & Mega Block fanatic.  You cried when you had to get glasses by the way, but we're on our third pair now, and you enjoy picking new frames out, even if you don't love wearing them.

You have a big heart.  You are always thinking of others and are always willing to help.

When you were born, we had so much to discover together.

You quickly became a chatty little boy, and your extensive vocabulary continues to wow me.

You love animals.

Your favorite foods are carrots, bell peppers, oranges, apples, and strawberries.

You wear your heart on your sleeve.

Your favorite color is red, and right now you play basketball on Team Red.

You are a smart, intelligent, witty little boy who loves math and science.

You have amazingly good memory.

You love to tell jokes. You are a silly, goofy, witty little boy, who loves to cheese it up for the camera.

We delight in all that you are.

We started out not knowing what we were doing.  Seven years later, we are still learning.  You are gracious enough to forgive us of our parenting failures.

Seven years ago, you brought life into our family, sweet boy.  Seven years later, you still make us smile.  You still fill our hearts with joy.  You may be seven years old, but my heart says you are still my baby boy.


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  1. Oh how precious! Happy birthday to your little guy! While every child and birth is amazing, there's nothing like experiencing it the first time!

    1. Yes...the first child gets all the joys of the "first" child, and all the trials of first time parents! :)