Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 10 Posts of 2013

I started this blog for myself, as a journal, but it has morphed into something a little different.  It is still my journal and a chronicle of our homeschooling journey, but I also enjoy sharing with others how we homeschool, what we use, and why we homeschool the way we do.  I hope my reviews and ramblings are useful to someone.  I decided to look over my top posts for the year, and it is fascinating to see what draws other people in and how they connect with me as a mother and a homeschooler.  So without further ado, here are my Top 10 in 2013, you know, in case you missed any and want to see what all the excitement was about!

10. Preparing a Curriculum-Free Preschool
I don't believe in formal lessons until about age 6, but my 4 year old wants to "do school" just like his big brother.  So I have to carefully consider how I want to approach activities with him.

Preparing Curriculum Free Preschool

9.  Math U See- Alpha {Schoolhouse Review}
Math is my 7 year old's favorite subject, and this was not only one of the top viewed posts, but one of our top five schoolhouse review items as well.

Math U See review

8.  Children are Always Learning
I struggled writing this post, because the topic was "Sneaking School into Busy Days" but this is what came of it.

Children are always learning

7.  C is for Curriculum
While this has been adjusted and tweaked along the way, this was my plan at the beginning of the school year.

Curriculum with Charlotte Mason flair

6.  Nature Study for Curious Preschoolers
I was terrified to start nature study with my kids when we first started homeschooling, but it turns out that it is one of the easiest subjects to teach, and one of the easiest ways to ease preschoolers into a natural love of learning.

nature study for preschoolers

5.  Beginning a Charlotte Mason Preschool
Many people will tell you that you need a curriculum for preschool, or at the other end of the spectrum, that you need nothing.  I try to strike a balance by planning my own age-appropriate activities with a Charlotte Mason flair. 
Charotte Mason Preschool

4.  S is for Scheduling 1st Grade
This is another area where I've had to tweak and change as we move along, but some of this still stands.  I'll eventually be sharing how our curriculum and scheduling has morphed throughout the year, but this is how we started the year.

Scheduling 1st Grade Charlotte Mason Style

3.  Nature Study:  Apple Tree Study
We are really learning to enjoy nature study, and one of the fall topics was trees.  I decided we would do a year long study, and the boys picked the Apple Trees.  This was the first installment from our Apple Tree study.

nature study:  apple tree study

2.  Introducing Handicrafts to your Preschooler
Handicrafts are an excellent way to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in preschoolers, who are almost always eager for hands-on activities. 

Introducing Handicrafts to Preschoolers

1.  Living Books for Preschoolers
While I believe it is important not to overload our children with too many books at one time, it is also important that the books we do choose for our children be wholesome, quality literature.  Preschoolers deserve living books too.

Living Books for Preschoolers

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  1. Love the nature study post!! Great round up that gave me a great glimpse into your awesome blog :)