Tuesday, January 21, 2014

5 Days of {my} Homeschooling Essentials: Books

We are a literature based, living-book loving homeschool.  Books were always a prized possession of mine as a child, and I hope to pass on the same love of literature to my children.  Books are certainly an essential in {my} homeschool.  You can open the doors to imagination and education wide open with the right books.

"A book worth reading is a book worth buying."  John Ruskin. 

Oh boy.  You see, I seem to have this addiction passion for purchasing children's books.  I very quickly came to the realization that I could not purchase all of my books new, or I would soon be in trouble . . . so I love to find alternative means of acquiring our beloved books inexpensively and even for free.
The Library - Obviously.  A library card is important here, because it gets you you nearly unlimited access to many books . . . for FREE.  See?  Essential.  The library is a great way to find out if a book really is worth the investment. 

Book Sales - Our library system has several sales throughout the year, and the local art museum has an annual sale as well.  I love to hit these up, because I never know what I will find, but it is always worth the trip!  Also, the website Book Sale Finder, while ad heavy, can help you find temporary and ongoing book sales.  I've even used it on vacation.  Don't judge.

Homeschooling Essentials:  Books

Thrift Stores/Resale Shops - This is another place where I never know what I will find, but if I spend the time to really look, I can find some gems. 

Imagination Library - I wrote about the Imagination Library when we first signed up.  If it is available in your area, it is a way to get FREE books every month for your children that are under five years old.  My 1 year old currently receives simple board books, but most of the books that we get for my 4 year old have been good to great in terms of quality read-aloud material, and you can easily add to your preschool/early elementary homeschool library this way.

Online - Amazon Kindle Books offers free and inexpensive digital books (you do not need a Kindle, you can download their app on another device or your computer), Librivox has free audio books of public domain works, Books Should Be Free has free public domain audio and ebooks, Storynory is free audio specifically for children, and We Give Books has free picture books and readers online.  The audio books are perfect for the car or quiet time, and the online books are great for a fun treat. 

Reviews - As a blogger, I do a lot of book reviews.  Many times they are books for my own light reading pleasure, but I also review a variety of children's books, geography and history books, and so much more.  It is a really fun way to get new books into the house without spending a small fortune.

Homeschooling Essentials:  Books

What about you?  Do you prefer to use the library, or build your own homeschool library?  How do you add books inexpensively?

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  1. Like you, Brittney, we love our library.....and we ADORE our once-a-year library sale!!

    1. The library book sale is one of my favorite places ever! ;-)

  2. We are well known at our library. It is a favorite stop of all our children. As the budget allows we are slowly building up our personal library. We also grab free Kindle books and Librivox is frequently in play. We love books!

    1. We would be at the library more, but it's a long drive for impromptu trips, so I'm trying to build a solid library to "get us through" the trips.

  3. We love books here too. I keep having to expand our bookshelves!

    1. Ha! My 1 year old has a bookshelf in her closet right now until I decide how I want to rearrange things. :)

  4. Love this: "A book worth reading is a book worth buying." We love books, too! I especially love to have our own library, so loved seeing your quote. I've listened to some Librivox but should check there more for other books. Great essential!

    1. That quote seems to fit my philosophy too! I like Librivox for short stories for the car and quiet time...it's just enough to keep their interest!