Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lego Love (Week 4): Lego Club Website and Free Magazine

52 Weeks of Lego Love

If you are are a Lego fan, you are probably already aware of Lego Club.  If not, you should definitely check it out!  There are two primary components to Lego Club.  The Lego Club magazine subscription is absolutely free, so it's a phenomenal deal for Lego Loving families!  Not only does it feed our addiction Lego Love, it is educational too!  The stories and comics, the puzzles, the building challenges . . . there's reading, critical thinking, logic and STEM all in a short magazine.  There's something for everyone!  There is also a Lego Club Jr Magazine for children under 7, so even the youngest Lego Lovers can enjoy it at their own level.  

If the magazine is not available for delivery in your country, you can still check out the interactive magazine online!

The Lego Club website has a few different areas to interest your Lego lover.  There are videos, exclusives, interviews and sneak peaks.  The events section lists activities like the upcoming builds at Lego stores and Toys R Us stores, so you can always check to see if there is anything going on in your area!

The Building Steps gives you instructions for several different building challenges.  There are animals, vehicles and different holiday items like Christmas Trees and Pumpkins.  They are even in PDF so you can download and print them out.  They are fairly simple builds that are great for a quick and easy activity. 

The Lego Club website is fairly simple, but there's a lot of content there. It's a fun treat and is great for younger Lego fans!

Do your kids enjoy Lego Club Magazine?

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  1. How exactly did I miss this as one of my own 5 Essentials, Brittney???? SO true! :)