Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lego Love (Week 3): Lego Quest II Challenge - Technology

As part of our our 52 Weeks of Lego Love challenge this year, I thought I would periodically share some of the boys' creations.  LEGO Quest II is a monthly challenge at The Canadian Homeschooler, and this month's theme is Technology.  If you've got Lego lovers in your house, check out the challenges and encourage your kiddos to participate!

Elliott prefers kits and minifigures to his own creative endeavors, but I thought we would try this anyway.   What does he make?  A man, with a remote control, watching Lego television.  *insert motherly eye roll*  I love my son, but he certainly took the easy way out this time.

(Elliott, 7, Television)

Emory on the other hand, is the one who prefers to do his own thing.  He made a teleporter and a teleporter vehicle.

The person being telaported walks through the blue door.  The computer on the outside is to type in where you want to send them.  

(Emory, 4, Teleporter)

This vehicle is like a hovercraft and can teleport people back and forth as well too. 
(Emory, 4, Teleporter Vehicle)

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  1. My kids love Legos. :) I picked up some Lego project cases on Zulily, so we're holding our breath waiting for those to arrive.

    1. That sounds fun! I must have missed that sale. :)

  2. First off - thanks so much for joining in. :)
    Second - I LOVE your kids' entries. I have to say that I just about bust a gut laughing at Elliott's creation, because it's perfect and SO exactly something my boys would do. lol. :) Emory's designs are brilliantly creative (4 years old?!) Wow - great imagination!
    All the best with your LEGO Challenge!

    1. Yes, I'm still a little shocked with Emory's creations sometimes...he's very attune to balance and symmetry with his work.

  3. I love Elliot's insight. So clever. and Emory's is great too.
    Looking forward to seeing next months entries :)

    1. Thanks, it's always interesting to see how "different" their minds work!