Thursday, January 30, 2014

Q is for Quotes from the Kids

So I'm trying to catch up on the blogging through the alphabet series.  I have to say, it's been challenging this last round, but it has been fun.  This week is Q and I was really stumped trying to come up with something new.  Then I decided I didn't care, I wanted to do Q is for Quotes again, because I enjoy going back and reading the silly, funny things the kids say.

Emory during the sermon one morning:  "If pawpaw would stop talking, we could go home."  He was loud enough to elicit giggles from everyone around him.

Elliott:  "Who's faster, Sonic or The Flash?"

Elliott: "Momma, since Friday is your birthday, would you like to go see (a kid's movie) this weekend?"

Elliott was reminding about that birthday date to go see his movie, and Emory said "You're going to be a princess for your birthday!"  Elliott said "Well, you don't need a costume because you're already a princess."  I have to say, I love my boys!

Emory: Momma, I'm not a baby anymore.
Me: You're not?
Emory. No. I'm 3 now. I growed up into a little kid.

Elliott says "come on Emory, you have to be 3 or older to play this thing....good thing you're 3 and I'm older!"

Emory looks at me and says "You ate the baby!? You have it in your TUMMY!?" Then later he says it will have to claw it's way out. Only my child.

When I was pregnant this last time, Elliott asked "What will you do if the baby poops in your belly? You know, since she's not wearing a diaper in there..."

During the screening ultrasound, we decided to find out the gender.  Elliott said he wanted a boy.  Emory?  "Chocolate ice cream!"   

Elliott asked a lot of questions about breastfeeding this time around.  "Oh, so she eats from your body?  Like the baby goat drinks from the momma goat's bottom?"  Obviously, our nature study observations weren't very accurate!

As we're going through toys to donate, Emory takes one back out of the box for a moment.  "If I were you, I would donate our toys."  So I told him he should put it back.  "Yeah, but I'm not you."  For the record, he did put it back, and he's a very good helper when we're doing these projects.

Before watching a children's Spanish video, Elliott says "But I won't know what they're saying! How do I know they're not teaching us bad words?"

Emory:  "I have an invisible friend.  His name is Me."  Me is still hanging around our house, by the way.


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