Friday, January 10, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ 1/10/14

1.  Um....the weather this week has been crazy.  I'm talking -20's with the windchill early in the week.  We didn't have any problems at home, but my husband's work had some busted sprinkler lines that flooded some areas of the building, so he's been dealing what that, among other things.  Poor guy.  This weekend?  Temps in the 50's.  Crazy.

2.  We started back to AWANA on Wednesday, and co-op today.  I'm so glad to be getting back into routine!

3.  Eleanor is not brave enough to try to walk yet, but she's cruising along the furniture, and loves her new walker-type toys.  She'll roam from one end of the house to other with these things, and if the toy starts playing music she might stop and do a little dance too!

4.  Speaking of learning to walk, I don't get why people say "you're gonna be in trouble" when a baby learns to walk.  What can she suddenly reach as a walking toddler that she couldn't reach the last several months by pulling herself up?  I never did understand the whole idea that the stages children go through are a bad thing.  Well, except the whiny thing.  I could do without that one.

5.  If you missed it, I started a 52 week challenge.  52 Weeks of Lego Love will run every Saturday.  I might just be crazy.

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