Friday, January 31, 2014

Random 5 on Friday - January 31, 2014

1.  Our furnace messed up, and we had someone out here two days in a row.  Lovely.  We have heat though, so I shouldn't complain.

2.  The husband came home sick today.  He's quarantined and I'm really hoping the rest of us can avoid whatever he has.

3.  We are rockin' on the school thing.  Elliott actually said tonight before bed "...but we didn't finish that book about electricity" referring to the children's biography about Benjamin Franklin that we started.  We're reading it to go along with our science unit on energy sources.  Then, Emory colored a picture of a map and said ME (his invisible friend) was visiting Lake Superior.  I must say, I LOVE living books!

4. This, people, melts my heart.

5.  Somebody had a birthday recently.  *sniff*  Can I still call her a baby?

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  1. I Love that sweet baby collage with the birthday cake!! *sniff*

  2. Oh my! It was only yesterday that you were pregnant with her wasn't it? Oh wait that was last crew year. Time just keeps going faster and faster the older I get. I can see why that picture melts your heart. It's precious!