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52 Weeks of Lego Love (Week 1): The LEGO Adventure Book, Volume 2 by Megan H. Rothrock; O'Reilly Media

I wanted to do a fun series this year on the blog and keep myself accountable.  Since all things LEGO are much loved around our house, I decided to do 52 Weeks of Lego Love, and what better way to start than with this amazing book!?  I was recently given the opportunity to review the e-book version of The LEGO Adventure Book by Megan H. Rothrock (O'Reilly Media).  What Lego lover wouldn't enjoy a book full of adventure, and creations to explore?

The Lego Adventure Book review

My 7 year old is a "sequential" builder, and enjoys building kits from start to finish.  My 4 year old prefers to use random pieces to build his own creations.  Two very different styles, but two intensely passionate builders.

This book is perfect for both of them.   It is comic strip style, and follows the adventures of Lego Minifigure 'Megs' so there is a bit of reading involved if your kiddos like the storyline, but it is not necessary to enjoy the Lego creations.

Throughout the book you will find instructions and inspiration for building "Spaceships, Pirates, Dragons & More!"  There are smaller creations laid out for you with the exact pieces you will need and just enough pictures to get you to the finished product, without full instructions.  Larger items might show you several different angles of the creation, so you can build it, or something similar, without worrying about specific pieces.

Then there are some items that are laid out step-by-step just like you would find in the instruction booklet from a Lego kit.  The neat thing is that they may show you how to build one version of something, but then there are pictures of similar creations to spark your imagination.  For example, a Fire Tragon (train-dragon combo) is laid out, but then Megs also shows you a Sea Tragon and a Homboldt Tragon.  In another similar set of instructions, there was an outline that gives the basics of what a Lego Viper should include, but tells the reader that the actual design is completely up to the builder!

I really like that the book offers ways for all types of builders to participate.  It is not so much about building what's in the book, but sparking the imagination and encouraging creativity. 

Of course, there are some creations that require very specialized parts (like train motors and infrared sensors and remote controls) that new builders are not likely to have, so you may not be able to build everything in the book, but there is such a variety of creatures and houses and other creations that you won't run out of ideas too soon!

The book retails for $24.95 for the hardback, or $19.95 for the digital version.  I believe it is worth the price.  The pictures are bright and vivid, and the additional tips throughout the book are a nice touch.  Overall, this book is a great addition for any Lego fan, and I eagerly give it a 5/5 stars!

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  1. How fun! I'm looking forward to your LEGO series!

  2. Very cool! One of my boys got a big Lego book for Christmas this year. I heard mini figure facts for days afterward! LOL

  3. What a fun resource! I was disappointed when my oldest wasn't all that interested in LEGOs and blocks. I'll have to re-introduce them to my younger kids and hope to spark some creativity. This book looks like it would be a good spark!

    1. Yes, this book is fun. My kids love anything related to bricks and blocks and building, so we are always looking for new ideas.

  4. ooh, we will have to add this to our collection of Lego books! How fun!

  5. What a fun series, and a great looking book! We have a couple of LEGO books and I think that when I got them that I was actually looking for THIS book... only I didn't realize there were so many LEGO books out there already. ;) I also have several builders here, with different styles like you mentioned, and have wanted to find ways to use LEGOs more proactively and with an educational purpose. (Not every time of course, and sometimes underhandedly if you understand my meaning.)

    Can't wait to see what else you have for us this year! Thanks for linking up with the 52 Week series. Be blessed!