Saturday, February 1, 2014

LEGO Love Week 5: LEGO Comic Builder

My boys love all things Lego.  Lego kits, movies, the free magazine, and any of their websites.  Recently they discovered the Comic Builder!  There are a few different comic builders, which I will share in a moment, but here their Lego City Comics.  These are great for language arts, because your children can "write" the story with the comic bubbles, or if they are like mine, they will narrate the story to you if they don't want the comic bubbles messing up their picture. 

LEGO Comic Builder
Emory, age 4
 The man and dog are chasing the crook, and the the money is to trap him.  The bone is for the dog, of course.  They will get in the vehicle to chase the bad guy and she will handcuff him when they catch him.

LEGO Comic Builder
 Elliott, age 7
The firefighters are at the fire department with their fire dog and have to leave to go put out a fire.  They find two firefighters standing in the road, so they pick them up.  They have to go through the Gold Mine, so the miner opens the mine up for them.  When they get to the fire, they realize it is in a tree, so they take their fire truck apart and they build an airplane.

Make Your Own LEGO Comic Strips
LEGO City Comic Builder
LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Comic Builder
LEGO Pharaoh's Quest Comic Builder

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