Saturday, February 8, 2014

LEGO Love Week 6: LEGO Field Trip Planning

One of the benefits of homeschooling is the ability to choose field trips that are not only educational, but are also of significance to the children.  Obviously, my children love all things LEGO, and any field trip I can find that focuses on that special brick will be a hit with them.

We tend to take a big trip to Georgia every May, but this year we are extending the drive and heading down to Legoland Florida!  They offer Home School Days through May 19, so the timing worked out perfectly. 

My boys are so excited, I couldn't even begin to put it into words for you.  When we showed Elliott the printout for the tickets and he finally realized what he was reading, there were near-tears of disbelief and complete silence.  He was that excited!

Since then, he has been "planning" the trip for us.  I showed him the web address, and he learned how to navigate the website and has been exploring the park map and deciding which attractions he most wants to visit, writing his list and even mapping Legoland on Google Maps.

This is why I have a strong desire to fully implement interest-led learning in our homeschool.  It is so interesting to see how his interest in LEGO, which is educational enough on its own, can rabbit trail into other educational activities (Computer Skills, Language Arts, Geography), all on his own volition.

Legoland also offers Educational Guides that can be used for self-guided programs, and I am hoping to have a fun LEGO-Themed month of educational activities as the basis of our homeschooling before we leave for our trip.

In the past, we have visited Legoland Discovery Center of Atlanta (2013 and 2012) and had so much fun, so we are really looking forward to this trip.  

If you have ever been to the Legoland Parks, we would love your tips!

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