Sunday, March 9, 2014

Action Adventure Role Play (Educational Toys Planet Review)

One thing I enjoy about children is that there are no limits to their imagination and creativity when they are given the tools, the space and the freedom to play on their own.  I've found that my children go through certain developmental stages where they especially enjoy role playing and dressing up. 

I was recently given the opportunity to do a review for Educational Toys Planet.  They are a company that is dedicated to providing toys, games, crafts and science kits that are fun, enriching and educational.  They sent me the Action Adventure Hero Role Play Set by Melissa and Doug, one of our favorite toy companies!  Role Playing is a great activity for exploring emotions, developing language skills and of course letting the imagination roam free, so I was happy to do the review.

Educational Toys Planet Review

The Action Adventure Hero Role Play Set ($27.97) contains 6 accessories that can be mixed and matched for several different characters!  It includes a black/red reversible cape, a black/red reversible eye mask, a soft sword, a warrior helmet, a bandana and an eye patch.  This gives options for a superhero, pirate, bandit, gladiator and more!

Educational Toys Planet Review

What I like about this set is the versatility.  The cape and eye mask give you different looks depending on the color (Elliott says he could be a magician with the cape if he had a top hat!)  The bandana can also be worn on the head or around the neck.  The cape and bandana have high-quality Velcro closures, so they should last a long time.  The eye patch is a bit large, I suppose to accomadate for different sizes, but it is adjustable.

Educational Toys Planet recommends the set for ages 3-5 and I think this is right on.  Emory is 4 and loved the whole set.  He particularly loved the gladiator helmet, as it is very different from anything we have.  I had to take the sizing piece completely out of the helmet because it kept popping partially out anyway, but once it was out the hat was more comfortable for him.

Educational Toys Planet Review

When I choose toys, I try to find things that are useful, versatile and efficient.  The boys already enjoy dressing up and role playing, and the pieces can easily be stored in our dress-up tote.  Both boys can wear all of the pieces, even though Elliott (7) is beyond the recommended age range, and there are several options with just a few pieces, so I think this is a fun set that works particularly well for a family of multiple children.

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  1. well, isn't that fun? :) My lad would have loved this when he was younger. Now he just makes his own stuff. :)

    1. Ah yes, creating is another wonderful way to use the imagination! :)