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Egglo Entertainment (Schoolhouse Review)

Sometimes when we get a review, it has much more of a "fun" element to it than others, and we love those!  It breaks up the monotony and gives the boys something new and different to enjoy.  Recently we were given the opportunity to do a review for Egglo Entertainment, which includes glow in the dark Easter eggs.  How fun!

Egglo Entertainment - glow in the dark Easter eggs

As part of the review, I received several items:
Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs ($11.99/dozen)
The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book by Darcy Cobos ($12.99)
The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure audiobook ($2.99)
Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls ($4.29/dozen)
Program Guide/Curriculum ($14.99)

The program and products are recommended for 4-13 years old.

How did we Use Egglo Eggs at home?
Well the boys were so excited to get started that we just jumped right in.  I decided to read them the book while the eggs "charged" under light (instructions are included) in another room.

Egglo Entertainment - glow in the dark Easter eggs

The book tells the story of a brother, sister, cousin and dog, who get caught up in an adventurous egg hunt that is full of danger and wonder, and learning to trust that God is always with them.  The theme of the book is John 1:5 and the children learn how Jesus is the light in darkness.  While the message is clear, I found it a little too long for one sitting. I probably should have split it into two or three readings.  The audiobook is thirty minutes, if that gives you any indication as to how you might want to structure the book around your activities.  I do think the audiobook might be better suited for a class/group reading.  The reader does a good job with inflection and emotion, and it could easily be paired with a snack, coloring pages or other quiet activity.  There is also a DVD that could be fun for groups too.

After the book, the boys went to their room while I hid the eggs around the house right as daddy was arriving home from work.  Yes, I timed it that way.  Unfortunately it was too wet/cold when the eggs arrived for an outdoor night hunt, but soon!  They got a kick out of hunting in the dark!  Afterwards they told Daddy about the book and the meaning of the glow in the dark eggs.

It was really hard for a non-photographer type like me to get a good picture of the eggs actually glowing, but let me tell you, the kids loved them!  There was just enough glow for the kids to find them in the dark house.  They also enjoyed recharging them and playing with them themselves.  

They also wanted to check out the scrolls.  The scrolls are the perfect size for placing inside the eggs, and each one having a different verse gives plenty of opportunity for discussion.  Elliott wanted to read them and see if they matched the verses on the scrolls in the book. 

Egglo Entertainment - glow in the dark Easter eggs

The Program Guide & Alternative Uses
The program guide is tailored for group environments and has several suggestions so that churches or groups can choose the activities that suit their needs.  There are decorating ideas, a few snack suggestions, a devotional, coloring pages and so much more!  My husband and I are in charge of the children's Easter celebration every year at church, and many of these activities would be perfect, and I am currently trying to determine how to work them into our program.  However, some of the individual activities would still work well for object lessons outside of an Easter party.  They would work well in family devotionals, Sunday School, Jr. Church, or AWANA.  I work with the Sparks, and I also think the eggs themselves would be great for game time, since we already play a lot of "in the dark" games.  Spoon-egg relay and glow-in-the-dark-egg-toss would both be a hit!

Egglo Entertainment also offers ideas for using the glowing eggs all year.  I think the scavenger hunt is next on our list!

What did I think?
There are so many ways to utilize the book, devotions and eggs to reinforce the underlying message.  It is a fun lesson for kids and I liked the concept and that the eggs are a visual reminder that Jesus is the light in the darkness.  I think most of the activities are very age appropriate for the recommended age range, and offer something new and unique.  We enjoyed the glow-in-the-dark eggs and the message, and I look forward to trying new ways of using them.

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