Thursday, March 20, 2014

Field Trip - Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

We recently took a little mini-vacay to Pittsburgh, PA.  Why Pittsburgh, you ask?  Well, it started as an extra-long weekend trip planned around a meeting my husband had for work.

We decided to all go up and take the kids to a few places that are different than what we have around here.  One such place was The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.

This was a neat field trip.  We've been to a couple of children's museums or museums that have dedicated children's areas, and this was one of our favorite field trips of all time!  We were advised to start in the art studio, so that any artwork the children completed would have time to dry.  The boys could have spent all day in this one room!

We painted.

We used clay.

Elliott really enjoyed this. 

We did bubble prints.  

 There was print making and stamp rolling.  So much going on in one room.

The next main area was the MAKESHOP, which is apparently designed for children to explore everything from circuitry, to woodworking to sewing.  So much building and manipulating.  

You should have seen Emory's face when he made this little fan turn on!  They did have a few employees in this area, which was nice for giving the boys ideas.

This was a very cool climbing structure!  Emory wouldn't do it, because he said it was too high (it went to the second floor) but Elliott went up and back down.

In the Attic, Elliott spent time in the Gravity room and playing on the slides, while Emory, Daddy, Eleanor and I looked at puppetry and collections--things you might find in someone's attic!  There was some Mr. Rogers stuff in here, bringing back childhood memories, but apparently no pictures on my camera!

We played with shadows and tried to catch letters.  

The GARAGE was all things transportation!  We played inside tires.  Emory also waited patiently for his turn to "drive" a real car, though my camera was with daddy because I had just gone down a slide with him, one that was not made for adults by the way.

We raced cars down tracks, which we could build and arrange ourselves. 

We built cars.  You could also build trolleys in another area. 

The XOXO exhibit was for exploring emotions and feelings.  You could write down negative thoughts and feelings, and shred them!  You could write a kind letter to a friend, or write something positive down and press it into a token. 

This was neat.  A word appeared on the screen, and you record the emotion.  (Sad, happy, surprised, etc).  Then your recording would soon appear on the wall with the children who went before you, so there's a giant grid on the wall of children expressing emotions!

Then this...this was great.  My kids are not all that familiar with the concept of a payphone, considering they are becoming obsolete, so Emory had to check it out.  Daddy noticed the other phone and made a mad dash.  "Hello, I'm looking for Emory" he said in a deep voice.  I saw Emory's eyes bug out!  "Ahhhhh!  It's DADDY!" he giggled and looked around surprised!  Then they had a funny little chat!  :-)

There were a few quotes throughout the room that would only light up when both hands were touched.  Some of the others were wider, and required two people--each person touched one hand, then held hands, and I think that makes more of an impact! 

There was so much more.  This doesn't begin to capture everything the kids enjoyed, and this was only the first floor.  The second floor was the nursery, and even though Eleanor would have enjoyed it, we do not like to split our family up like that.  She was content to people-watch in her stroller and she was able to enjoy a few activities anyway.  The whole day was a full sensory experience for her!  The third floor was the water floor, and Daddy and I made the executive decision that since we didn't have a change of clothes for the boys and were intending to go somewhere afterwards, we shouldn't even go up there.  We still spent hours on the first floor, and it was worth it.

The only unpleasant experience was the parking lot.  I'll not go into a rant here, but suffice it to say, my husband and I have never seen anything like it before, even during other travels.

Overall, we really enjoyed the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and if we're back in the area, we'll definitely be back.  They are a member of the Association of Science-Technology Center, as is our home art/science center, so a membership to our home museum will get us reciprocal admission!

We also went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium while we were there!

Field Trip Friday

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun! We were at the Portland Children's Museum years ago, and my kids still talk about how awesome it was. The Sacramento Children's Museum is new, and it's not that great yet.

    1. This was definitely one of the best age-appropriate field trips we have ever been on!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. That is way better then the Children's Museum we went to in Appleton. There looks to be a lot more fun and hands on there. My daughter did enjoy the painting and some of the other activities they had in the art room. Nothing like what you have showed.

    1. It was really neat, and there was so much to do. It was a very large facility...we only made it through one floor!

  3. This place looks amazing! I'll have to keep this in mind as PA is not to far from our new home in MD! :D Thanks for linking up at FTF!!