Saturday, March 15, 2014

LEGO Love Week 11: Clubs, Classes and Challenges

What are your kids creating with LEGO right now?  We're traveling, so the boys aren't really creating, but we hope to get back into the swing of things soon, and of course that will mean back to LEGO!  In the meantime, if your kids love LEGO challenges, be sure to check out some of these classes and challenges around the internet to give them inspiration and ideas! 

LEGO Challenge
Challenges straight from the LEGO website!

LEGO Master
This is an Official Skill by LEGO "to achieve artistic and engineering excellence." is a place just for kids to gain skills, create a portfolio and earn real patches.  It would be an excellent supplement to homeschooling, particularly lending itself well to interest/delight/unschooling methods.  

LEGO Club for Homeschoolers
This FREE class on Currclick is based on the beloved brick, and each class has a theme, lesson plan, show and tell and challenges.

LEGO Challenge of the Month
A challenge from Outside the Brick; submissions can be emailed in and are shared on the blog.

From The Canadian Homeschooler, this is a monthly challenge for real or virtual builds, that can be shared through your blog or social media.  

Now send your kids off to pick a challenge and create! My 7 year old wants to become a LEGO Master!  ;-)

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