Saturday, March 8, 2014

LEGO Love Week 10: More Preschool Fun!

I have a special place in my heart for preschoolers.  They are so full of joy, they are eager learners and full of curiosity and enthusiasm.  Emory has requested "LEGO School" before we take our Field Trip to LEGOLAND so I have been brainstorming ideas and collecting them here as part of the LEGO Love series in order to have them all in one place.  Since he is 4, I am specifically searching out Preschool activities.

So far I've shared some fun ways to informally share The Alphabet and Preschool Math.  This week, I'm sharing some more random, but awesome FUN activities that may not quite fit so neatly into any category.  These are great for preschool and even early elementary!

Create Your Own Mini-Fig free printable from Homegrown Learners

We have used these several times!

DIY DUPLO Monsters Building Set from Frugal Fun for Boys
You can make homemade Monsters with some google eyes and funny face stickers!  So fun!

Printing with LEGO (a playdough activity) from Toddler Approved

Stamping with LEGO and Craft Foam from Filth Wizadry

LEGO Dominoes free printable from Milk and Cookies

Creating a LEGO Rainbow from Kids Activity Blog

Tic Tac Toe with LEGO from Kids Activity Blog

If you have any LEGO activities that are particularly suited for Preschoolers, please feel free to share with me.  We are always looking for new fun ideas!

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