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Cooking with Kids: Raddish Kids {Review}

My Elliott loves to cook.  He gets that enthusiasm from his daddy. They enjoy working in the kitchen together, and I love watching them together.  Recently I was given the opportunity to review Raddish, a program that was meant just for getting kids in the kitchen, for creating family memories through meals.  I just knew it would be a hit with him!

What is Raddish?
Raddish is a monthly subscription that delivers not just recipes, but also a family experience. Children who are engaged and participate in meal preparation are more likely to enjoy a wider variety of textures, flavors and healthy foods.  Raddish was started by Samantha Barnes, a middle school teacher and mother who recognized the "foodie" potential in children, but she also recognized that many children need that potential to be cultivated.

Oh and hey, do you get the "rad dish"  play on words?

So what's inside?
Each month the Raddish box is based on a theme, and our theme was Kitchen Science!

Raddish Kids Review

Shopping List - A quick reference for planning your grocery list!  You also get an email with the list a week before your box ships, so you can be prepared when the goodies arrive.

3 Recipe Guides - These are fun and diverse recipes, but these aren't typical index card recipes.  These are high quality tri-fold guides.  The ingredient and directions include easy-to-follow pictures for non-readers.

Note:  The recipes are currently not specific to dietary restrictions, but suggestions are available on the website, and they hope to have this option available soon.

1 Skill Card - We learned about whisking, what it's used for and how to do it correctly.  Our box even included a small whisk!

Creative Activities - These were fun food themed science experiments!

Table Talk Cards - several cards with family-friendly conversational topics.  Some were silly, some were serious, but all were interesting.  I could see this working particularly well for families who are working to get their family back to the table together.

Raddish Patch - These iron-on patches can be collected each month and added to your Raddish apron.

How Did We Like It?
The three recipes this month were Mac & Cheese Cupcakes, Kale Salad with dressing, and Chocolate Lava Cake.  A little something for everyone.  I liked the simplicity of the recipe cards, but parents who are not used to working with young children in the kitchen need to remember these are real recipes.  They are more time consuming, especially when working with a mini-chef who needs more time to read directions, measure and savor the moment.  The recipe cards were also jam packed with tips and culinary advice, and were educational for the culinary challenged mom too.

I can see how this would appeal to a wide range of children.  Many young children enjoy just being in the kitchen and helping mom/dad, while older children actually enjoy culinary exploration.  For families who need more of a nudge working together in the kitchen, Raddish ties it all together nicely for you.

Emory (4) doesn't particularly love to help in the kitchen yet, but Elliott (7) loved the entire process.  As I said, he enjoys cooking, and it was a fun experience for us.  He loved the idea of having his own apron, which was a perfect fit on him.  He also wanted to know when and how he could get another patch.

Another little someone had fun with this too!

Raddish Kids Review

What About Those Creative Activities?
Since our theme was Kitchen Science, our activities were simple but engaging science experiments.  Older kids would have probably done these at some point already, but Emory especially enjoyed them!  Look at his interest and excitement!

Raddish Kids Review

The Final Details

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