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Curiosity Quest (Schoolhouse Review)

When I look for television programming, I look for dual purpose shows.  If it can entertain my kids, and teach them something in the process, it's usually a winner in my book.  Curiosity Quest offers viewers an inside look at the things they are most curious about.  The host, Joel Greene, takes questions from real viewers and literally goes on a quest to find the answers.  He visits sites around the country to get answers for the experts!  I recently received DVD Combo Pack - Produce and  DVD Combo Pack - Swimmers of the Sea to review.  Each DVD retails for $24.95 and contains three episodes that are approximately thirty minutes each.  This is geared for ages 7-14 years old, but is a family friendly product.

Elliott admitted that he wanted to watch animals first, but then he decided that since animals need food to live, that we needed to watch the produce video first.  You have to love their logic!

On the first DVD, we watched episodes on Mushrooms, Cranberries and Orange Packing.  Even though each episode focused on something very specific, they all gave details on some similar topics such as the growing and harvesting seasons, differences between species, and how they are sorted, packaged and shipped.  They also talked about what they do with produce that might not be presentable for grocery store shelves.  Mushrooms are used for soups for instance, while oranges can be sorted for orange juice or even cow feed.

Swimmers of the Sea
This DVD contains Penguins, Turtle Rescue and Salmon Hatchery.  From the aquarium to a turtle hospital to Alaska, each episode gives a unique look at three very interesting animals.   Elliott was thoroughly disgusted and engrossed as only a 7 year old boy can be as they prepared vitamin fish for the penguins.  Emory wanted to know if we could go "find these animals in real life" and Elliott decided that Turtle Rescue was his favorite episode of the six because they helped turtles that were sick or hurt.

What Did We Think?
I think we all liked the Swimmers of the Sea best.  Animals are just so much fun!  I appreciated the conversational tone of the host.  He was funny and interacted with everyone around him, not just the person giving the tour.  He gets right into the process and tries out many of the tasks carried out by a variety of the employees such as harvesting mushrooms or preparing food for the animals.  The videos offered "street talk" type clips with several kids throughout the episode, asking them questions about the topic of the quest.  I found these quite amusing, because as you know, children can up with some interesting answers!  I also appreciated that the episodes were short, only half an hour, which is the perfect length for younger kids.

These videos were a nice break from the routine and a fun supplement for our homeschool.  They would make a great starting point or addition for an in-depth unit study.  In terms of value, 3-episode combo packs for $24.95 are a better value than the individual episodes.  The company offers different membership options, but for homeschoolers, there is a Curiosity Quest Homeschool Monthly Membership, where you will receive two DVDs and homeschool curriculum for $24.99 each month  Or you can check to see if the show airs in your area.

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