Saturday, April 5, 2014

LEGO Love Week 14: LEGO Juniors

This is a fun LEGO week!  As a Chatterbox, I'm excited to share our experience with LEGO Juniors!  The new LEGO Juniors are easy-to-build sets that are geared specifically for children ages 4-7 years old.  They sounded like a great transition for young children who want to do regular LEGO like their big siblings!

I received:
2 LEGO Juniors Digger sets
1 LEGO Juniors Police - The Big Escape set
2 LEGO Juniors product catalogs
2 LEGO Club Jr. magazines

Enough to enjoy and to share with a friend!

I was actually interested to see how Emory (4) would do.  I gave him The Digger set since it was smaller and he could finish quickly.  The Digger set was basically just like any of the single vehicle sets, roughly the same number of pieces, similar instructions.  He went straight for the minifigure, because he can already build those without help.  After that, I worked with him, and helped guide him through the instructions.  He needed help focusing, as well as manipulating a few pieces, but with a little more practice with similar sets he'd be a master builder like his big brother!

Elliott is 7, so he's on the upper end of the intended age range.  Elliott has been building for awhile though, and he is quite an accomplished builder, routinely finishing sets well beyond his age range.  He did build the Police Set, and found it quick and easy.  He still enjoyed it, though.  He actually thought it was cool that LEGO Juniors would make things quicker and maybe help his little brother enjoy building from kits more.

I think what makes Juniors easier is that it skips over a lot of building steps and gives  "pre-assembled" type pieces to work with.  There are also no stickers, the pieces are already decorated.  Things that might take longer and be difficult for developing fine motor skills are eliminated to make the process more enjoyable.  Also, I think the layout of the instructions are a bit more simplistic, steps are numbered and have more arrows and helps to clue in beginning builders.

We have been getting the free LEGO Club Junior magazine for a few years, and now Elliott gets the regular edition too.  Emory was happy to sit down and make up his own story to the comics.  Edit:  You can subscribe here, children under 7 automatically receive the Jr. version

Then we had to color!
LEGO Juniors

LEGO never fails to disappoint this family.  The boys were happy, mom was happy.  LEGO Juniors would be a great transition as the next step after DUPLO.  They allow young builders to build their confidence with regular LEGO sets and as always they are full of educational value and just pure fun!

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  1. We just received our first edition of the LEGO Junior magazine last week! My kids are loving it! My 6 year old immediately started following instructions from the magazine to build something new! All 3 of my children, (4, 6 and 9) took up the challenge to build a hide-out for the contest :) What a great resource for LEGO fans! Thank you for sharing your review of the LEGO Juniors!

    1. Yes, the magazine always inspires something new in our house!

  2. I didn't know Lego Magazine had a Jr version! How do you subscribe?

    1. You can subscribe the same way as the regular magazine. Children under 7 are automatically subscribed to the Jr version!