Saturday, April 26, 2014

LEGO Love Week 17: LEGO Inspired Reading Chart

I have mentioned before that Elliott is a math-science oriented kid.  Perhaps that's why he loves LEGO so much.  However, when it comes to reading, he only tolerates it for me.  He'd prefer to be doing {anything} rather than reading.  He's an emerging reader and needs a little nudge sometimes, as reading isn't something he would choose to do in his free time.  However, LEGO is something he almost always chooses to do in his free time.  While LEGO is a completely acceptable and encouraged choice, I decided to combine his love of all things LEGO and my desire to encourage reading, and I made him a LEGO Minifigure Inspired reading Chart.

LEGO Reading Chart

I made a blank template first, so I can update it and make new ones.  Then I inserted book titles.  I started with the easiest ones in the house so he could read aloud to Emory to build his fluency.  I knew having an audience besides Momma would be more appealing.  After this chart, the titles will slowly become more difficult so he can build his confidence to reading independently.

LEGO Reading Chart 
He may choose the book to read to us in any order, with the stipulation that if the book is on the chart twice, he cannot read them on consecutive days.  Once he reads the book he can draw a face and color his character.  So far it seems to be working!  Elliott doesn't like to leave things unfinished, and he wants his charts complete.  He is voluntarily reading to his little brother here, and let me tell you, this tickles little brother!

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  1. What a wonderful and clever idea! My oldest daughter loves LEGO. She would be so into this!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Cute idea! :) My kids would be making all kinds of faces from their minifigure collection.

    1. Yes, I imagine he will get more detailed now that he's not in a hurry to get started!

  3. Very cute idea! I like that you added the book titles, too. Typically I read your blog on my iphone so I haven't seen your blog "re-do." I love it and I LOVE your tagline : )