Saturday, May 3, 2014

LEGO Love Week 18: LEGO School

With our trip to LEGOLAND Florida coming up soon, we decided to have a week of LEGO School.  We are doing some review items for the crew, but our primary focus during our structured time is LEGO.

Most of our "LEGO School" was from this LEGO Unit & Lapbook from Walking by the Way.  It's elementary level, and perfect for Elliott.  I decided we'd put the entire unit into a small folder so we could also add the LEGO themed writing prompt from Homeschool Encouragement that he is working on.  Then after the trip, I'll add some photo sleeves and we can put pictures of their creations and pictures from the trip and a map of LEGOLAND.

The funny thing is, as we were studying the history of The LEGO Company, Elliott kept informing me he already knew various facts.

The flag of Denmark.


This would be Emory's conquering of the flag.  There's a few Minifigures around the back too.

Emory mostly preferred to color.  I printed out several different coloring pages for him throughout the week.  (You can find coloring and dot-to-dot pages on

One day the unit study challenge was to build a mosaic.  Elliott decided to make a submarine.

 We also did some graphing with LEGO colors. 

Then we had the opportunity to turn it into a pie chart! 

Apparently the LEGO TV app has a video called The LEGO Story, which is actually a good overview of the history of the company.  Elliott had already watched it during his free time, but he asked me to watch it with him as part of LEGO School, and I realized that's where he had learned so much of what he already knew in the unit study.

We've also watched this video, LEGO...The Building Blocks of Fun, more than a few times, long before this unit study.  It describes the process of making the LEGO bricks.

We have had a lot of fun doing LEGO School.  Elliott asked for it every day!  I think we'll have to add it in more frequently as part of our regular routine!

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