Saturday, May 24, 2014

LEGO Love Week 21: Decorating a LEGO room

The boys are wanting to redecorate their room.  They've never really had a "themed" room since they started sharing and I doubt we will go all out with wall paintings and the like, because let's face it:  kid's change their minds, outgrow themes and I don't want to put that kind of effort into something they may not love in another year. However, it is time to spruce up their room!

As you can guess, we're considering LEGO, so I've been looking up some simple decorative ideas.  I'm thinking of bedspreads in primary colors to match LEGO colors, so it's not overwhelming and can outlive a "theme" if need be.  Then I just want something minimal; something that when outgrown, I don't feel like I've wasted a ton of money.

So in my online quest for fun and fresh LEGO ideas, a fellow TOS reviewer, Kathy from Kathy's Cluttered Mind, shared this inexpensive, yet personalized DIY LEGO Wall Art!  These are so fun I had to share them!

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I love it!  It is very simple to create, the kids can help personalize it, and it is done with simple supplies and seemingly little effort.  For the full list of supplies needed and the tutorial, check out DIY LEGO Wall Art for Less Than $5.00 by Kathy!

I am so doing this with my boys.  They would love to create personalized art for their room, and I can't wait to share how they turn out!

Do you have any other simple, fun ideas for young LEGO lovers to decorate their room?  I'm all ears!

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