Saturday, May 10, 2014

LEGO Love Week 19: LEGOLAND Florida Field Trip

We made it to LEGOLAND Florida and the boys had a blast!  {This was the whole reason we had LEGO School!}  We utilized their homeschool admission special, which was a huge discount and made the trip worth it.  Otherwise, you are definitely paying for the LEGO name.

There's a little bit of everything going on here--there are some rides, shows, play areas for the kids to just run and climb, tons of LEGO creations, shops galore, games, characters in costume.  There's a few things that are inclusive for the whole family, but the park is definitely geared for younger LEGO fans!

One of the boys favorite parts were the many, many LEGO statues throughout the park.  There were so many fun photo opportunities.  

There really weren't a ton of rides, but we still didn't get to everything.  We got there when the park opened at 10 and aside from lunch and a quick trip through two shops, we didn't really stop and rest.  It's not the best layout.  It's a good thing we aren't the "we must do everything" types, or we would have been disappointed.  We left at 3 when the kids were spent and before the closing crowds, and we still wouldn't have had time to do everything had we stayed til the 5PM closing. 

Anyway, the rides were perfect for my kids.  The only hard part was that for "kiddie" type rides, there were still height restrictions that made it difficult.  Both of my boys often needed an adult, but we still have the baby who can't ride, so we had to do a little planning and swapping.  However, most of the lines weren't too long when we went through, though by the end I noticed some lines we'd already gone through were too long for the quality/length of the ride. 

This is the Merlin's Challenge ride.  I got the pleasure of riding this one twice, since Dad doesn't like rides.  Emory's face is awesome! 

Yes, we had to stop at so many of these, so be prepared!

Emory shocked us, and decided he wanted his face painted while I was riding with Elliott on a ride.  He actually let her finish, and was thrilled was the results.  He was the Green Ninja from Ninjago!  We offered to let Elliott get his face painted, but he declined.

The entrance to World of Chima.

Yes, another pose!

The boys loved all the dramatic architecture throughout the park.  This was actually the end of the Chima ride, The Quest for CHI, that we were on.  Emory is all about alligators and crocodiles right now, so this thrilled him!

Daddy sat out with Eleanor on this one, though it's a family ride.   She probably wouldn't have liked getting wet (she hated the water-misting machines throughout the park), so he took pictures. The boys loved this one.  You just shoot the water at targets, or innocent bystanders!  However, bystanders can aim back at you in certain areas!  We were guaranteed to get wet on the ride anyway, but it was over 90 degrees so we were fine with with a few splashes!

Another fantastic area was Miniland USA!  This was fun for Mom and Dad too, because there was so much to see, and we could certainly appreciate the time and effort that goes into building them after having helped with so many kits!  It was also a great area to let Eleanor run around out of her stroller, because it wasn't too crowded and it was just open paths.

The Pirate area, like many other displays in the Miniland area, was interactive--the kids would push the button, and the ships would shoot water out of the cannons at opposing pirate ships!

There were fun exhibits for the kids to watch . . . they loved looking for moving parts or things shooting out water, or anything interactive.

Famous cities and landmarks were represented . . .

 The Kennedy Space Center was interesting! 

 Las Vegas . . .

 New York!  She had a tour boat floating around her!

Then . . . there was Star Wars!   Yes, my boys were fascinated!

 Emory is battling here!

Emory always has to come up with unique poses.  He doesn't want to just stand and smile.  

 This picture cracks me up!  Elliott said it reminded him of his pawpaw! 

Here he's helping the chef cook.

Emory went to Jr. Driving School for kids 3-5 years old.  It was basically an oval shaped track. 

Elliott went to the regular Driving School, where they had stop signs and traffic signals, and where, my son didn't always realize he was taking his curves on the wrong side of the road!

Yes, the wolf was eating his hand!

As you can see, the boys had a BLAST!  The park was plenty large enough for them, and this doesn't even begin to touch on my pictures.  Would I do it again?  Only with the homeschool discount and if we were already in the area for something else, but I know the boys would jump at the chance to visit again.

Next week I'll be sharing about our pit stop at LEGOLAND Discovery Center of Atlanta on the drive home!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! We are hoping to make a trip to Legoland this fall as we will be taking a cruise out of Florida. Thanks for linking up at FTF!

    1. I'm sure your kiddos would love it. If you go, I hope you can work it out to go on a Homeschool day! It's worth the discount admission.

  2. Oh how fun! Our kids (and my husband) just went to the LEGOLAND in Chicago while I was at the GFAF Expo. It's not nearly as big, but they had a blast!

  3. Oh I WISH we lived closer to one of the Legoland parks. They look like so much fun. My girls are just now getting into Lego, thanks so my mom's gifts at Christmas time. Even Harold likes to play with their Legos.
    Thank you for sharing on Throwback Thursday Blog-Style. I can't wait to see what you share this week.