Friday, May 23, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ May 23rd, 2014

1.   Emory finished his first FULL year in Cubbies.  He was supposed to start the year we moved, but as we searched for a home church, they didn't always have the AWANA program so he was in and out of different classes.  I considered letting him go another year in Cubbies since he has a late-summer birthday and will be so young next school year, but he's determined to move up to Sparks and spend a year in the same group as his brother. Do I have to let him grow up!?

2.  Because of said move last school year, and churches not always having an AWANA program, Elliott didn't finish his first book until the beginning of this year.  He also finished a chunk of the second book, but he misplaced his vest for several weeks, which is why there's no blue patch or wings--we didn't find it until the last minute!  He's determined to finish Books 2 and 3 next year though, so we shall see.

3.  Love this picture!  Pawpaw gave the boys an area of his garden this year.  They have planted a few different things.  Hope pawpaw can get them some produce, because we all know I can't do it!

4.  Somebody now thinks she cannot take a nap or go to bed without ALL FOUR of these stuffed animals.  Two bears, a rabbit and a Minnie Mouse.  They can't just be in the bed either; there must be two on each side.  Of course she still sneaks down to the foot of the bed and sleeps against it, so we hear a lot of kicking and banging throughout the night.

5. I'm pregnant.  AHHH!  :)

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