Saturday, May 31, 2014

Random 5 on Friday - May 30th

1.  The husband and I had an adult only date Monday, where we had tea and conversation with Paula Deen!   It was for a fundraiser, and she is one of my husband's favorite celebrity chefs, so I got tickets for his birthday.  Even better, she hugged all over him and proclaimed he was so handsome!  I have a few cell phone pictures, but my cell is on the other side of the house, and I'm not going anywhere right now.  Maybe tomorrow.  We weren't allowed to take personal pictures with her because I didn't pay out the nose for the meet-and-greet session, but for the 'official' picture, we are in the 2nd column, 2nd from the bottom--she has her arm around my husband and the priest of the church who hosted the even is next to me.  I don't want to re-post and infringe on copyright.

2.  I mentioned before that the boys are taking a homeschool gymnastics class and that the coach told me he "sees qualities" in Elliott and asked me to consider putting him in his Boys program.  Elliott off course, was all about it and has been begging me since then.  However, that was back in mid-April and our May was booked up, so he finally starts in June!

3.  Speaking of that class, we've been going since it started several months ago.  We continue to go because Elliott loves it, and I've tried not to miss any classes because I wanted them to have the attendance to continue it.  Not just for my sake (they offer such a discount that both my boys go weekly for less than one month of regular classes) but for homeschooling in general.  I want them, and hopefully other businesses, to recognize the need to offer things like this to the homeschool community.  I live in a small town that doesn't offer a whole lot for homeschoolers, and I think it's important for us to get out there and show them that we're HERE and we'd love to be more active if they offered unique opportunities like this.

4.  Doggy.  Doooogy. Doggy.  Doggy.  Doggiiieee.  Doggy.  Yeah, that's what we've heard all week.  It was really bad the first day that Eleanor transitioned from dog to doggy, because she said it for nearly two hours straight.  Sometimes she branches out and says "It ta dog" or "it ta bay dog" (Bailey, our chocolate lab), and of course if she's near the refrigerator or pantry, she has a full arsenal of food related words.  The girl likes to eat, and she has wasted NO time learning how to say strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, cheese stick, or cookie, among many other favorite foods.

5.  The first trimester of pregnancy stinks.  I've been slacking lately.  On dinner.  The housework.  The schoolwork.  The blog.  I keep telling myself it won't last forever....

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