Friday, May 16, 2014

Random 5 on Friday

1.  Elliott and Emory have still been going to homeschool gymnastics, and a few weeks ago the coach approached me about putting Elliott in his boys class.  We've discussed it at home, and I talked to the coach again, and I think we'll start with their new summer schedule in June.  How's Emory doing?  Well, the coach said he calls him "the sleepy one" because he's basically always daydreaming and off in his own little world!  That's my Emory.

2.  Wednesday night was the AWANA store, and on the way home, my Emory tells me he picked out a surprise for me.  He got me a little bracelet.  "You look a little beautiful in it momma!"  My sweet little boy!  Elliott also purchased things that he could share with his brother and sister.  So proud of my little boys with big hearts!

3.  Reviews have been fun lately.  See the concentration on Emory's face?  We're loving Learning Wrap-Ups so far!

4.  Eleanor's vocabulary is taking off.  It's so fun to hear real words mixed in with baby babble!

5.  Now, it's time for another round of The Many Faces of Eleanor!

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  1. that's nice that Elliot is doing well in his gymnastics. :)

    annette @ a net in time (

  2. I loved the many faces of Eleanor! How adorable!

  3. So sweet that he chose a bracelet for you. That just melts my heart. The many faces of Eleanor are all adorable. :-)