Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Those Little Moments

Just a sneak peak into the little moments in our lives lately.

Doing cartwheels . . .

. . . and running and jumping and the park!

Playing with Daddy! 

Stopping at a Civil War cemetery for Daddy. 

Playing at the park.

Feeding whatever comes our way.

Including this fella who followed us around.

Daddy took this picture on a walking trail.  It reminded me and Elliott of our rainforest painting from a bug's eye view where we discussed perspective and vanishing points!

Quick stop for some frozen yogurt!

There's something about big rocks! 

Somebody loves when she can get out and run with the big kids.

A perfect moment of mommy and babies!  Eleanor was delighted.  "Duck, duck, duck!" she squealed!

Why did the ducks cross the road?  Reminds me of Make Way for Ducklings!

"Duck, Duck, Duck!" says Eleanor again!  Elliott decided they were playing follow the leader!  


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