Friday, June 27, 2014

Random 5 on Friday - June 27th

Note:  I originally posted this with a title of July 27th.  Perhaps a sign I really need some downtime!

1.  I'm so thankful for the slower summer months.  Next week, we have NOTHING scheduled.

2.  I'm almost out of the first trimester.  The major fatigue is slowly starting to fade, but the morning sickness is still hanging around.  Hoping it is not too much longer.  If you haven't read the thoughts of my four year old regarding pregnancy and babies and ultrasounds, please allow yourself a moment to giggle at the inner-thoughts of a four year old child who has no filter.

3.  I've decided to take a break from the LEGO Love series.  I enjoyed it, but the first trimester blahs have said otherwise.  If I do end up resuming the series, it obviously won't be a '52 weeks of...' anymore, but just because I'm not blogging about their LEGO creations doesn't mean they aren't building away.  Elliott is in the middle of building a mansion right now.

4.  We have a very special vacation planned for our kids in a couple months.  So excited, but so overwhelmed with planning.  More on that later, so stay tuned! 

5.  Last week was VBS and the kids had a blast!  Seven little souls saved.  I won't share most of the good pictures I got, because of the other children in them, but our theme was Jungle Safari!  The boys each had their own classes, but Eleanor floated around the church with me.  She loved, loved, LOVED music time, and thought she was big stuff when one of the song leaders would take her up front to "teach the motions" during practice.

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