Friday, July 18, 2014

Random 5 on Friday

1.  Now that I'm starting the 2nd trimester, the desire to cook and eat real food is BACK!  So far in the last week or so I've made chicken Alfredo with roasted broccoli, cashew chicken over rice and summer blend vegetables, pasta salad, brown sugar and basil pork chops, and Vegetable Quesadillas.  I'm pretty sure that's more variety in one week than we had the whole three months prior.

2.  The bird's nest in our paper box belongs to an eastern bluebird.  We are waiting on the eggs to hatch, and from what I've read, we should be getting close.

3.  We have been enjoying the mild weather the last few days!  It's been nice to spend some extra afternoon hours outside.

4.  Eleanor, as much as she loves her hair brushed, does not love hair bows.  She would prefer to walk around with her hair in her eyes all day.

5.  It's time to start "planning" for school again.  When I say plan, I really just prefer some general goals and an outline with notes and ideas, rather than a detailed plan of attack.  I don't want stifling structure and schedules and checklists.  I do like routine, but I want one that allows for flexibility.

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