Friday, September 5, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ September 5th

1.  The husband's vacation is coming up.  Looking forward to a whole week of having him home, getting some things done around the house and having some family fun!

2.  Co-op starts up soon!  The boys are very excited about their recently announced LEGO class!  I think Elliott will also enjoy his World Cultures class, since he's so interested in geography.  Their other classes will be FIAR and gym, so it should be a fun year for them.

3.  Eleanor went to Puggles this week, and they said she did great.  Considering how we struggled with extreme stranger anxiety from an early age, this was a huge step for her!  Emory on the other hand started Sparks.  He was a firecracker for sure, but hopefully he will get into the new routine soon and settle down!

4.  With everything starting back up, and having gymnastics this year, our schedule will busier than usual.  It's time to break out the slow cooker on a regular basis.  I'm on the hunt for some fresh ideas, so suggestions are welcome!

5.  This school week has been more casual, just the basics.  We've been reading books together, just doing reading and math review for now.  Kindergarten with Emory has been fun!  He has enjoyed playing in Reading Eggs and on Essential Skills Advantage (our review) and I found out he *loves* the roll, add, color pages too! I found several fun ones here that the boys have both enjoyed.  Emory just counts the dots on the dice, though Elliott has to add them.  Elliott insisted he get some too, mostly because of the characters!

Bonus Random Fact:  I have no idea what this girl is thinking when she POSES for the camera!!

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