Friday, October 10, 2014

A conversation with the 5 year old

One night Emory comes up to me and asks a random question.  

Hey Momma, did you marry daddy?


Did you kiss him?


Did you kiss him at your wedding?



Well you don't have to kiss anybody.

Did you like it?

Well I am married to daddy.


Of course I relay this conversation to the Husband, and he asks Emory about it.

Emory, I heard you asked mommy if she kissed me at our wedding.

*nose curls up*  Yeah.

And you were grossed out?

*grimaces*  Yeah.

You're grossed out that people kiss?

That you guys kissed.

So I walked over to Husband and gave him a kiss.

*hand over mouth and gagging*  BLEEECCCH!

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