Friday, October 31, 2014

Random 5 on Friday: Fall Festivities

We took a little time off from our Five in a Row units recently so we could enjoy some seasonal activities.  We continued to do our "regular" reading and math, but this wasn't a full-on unit study.  This was just a chance to have some downtime and explore some seasonal books, arts & crafts, science and cooking.

1.  We baked.

Homemade sugar cookie dough, from the Betty Crocker Cookbook.  Some new cookie cutters, and some cookie cutters passed down from mawmaw.  Some sprinkles and some messy boys!

2.  We did a LOT of seasonal art.

We did some various pumpkin art work, origami pumpkins, the boys did several drawings from Art for Kids Hub, and the kids also painted pumpkins.  This was actually Eleanor's first time painting.  She had a blast!  Emory just decorated his pumpkin with various colors, and Elliott put multiple smiley faces on his.

3.  We did a some "fun" Autumn themed worksheets.  These are a few that we worked on.

Pumpkin Worksheets
Pumpkin Descriptive Writing (while we dissected a pumpkin)
Fall Word Search 

4.  We carved pumpkins.

We had a Leonardo, a Raphael, and a Minnie Mouse.  Toasted pumpkin seeds, of course.

5.  Trick-or-Treat

We had a Leonardo from TMNT, a Spyro from Skylanders, and a cute little bumblebee!  We went to Daddy's work party one night, and trick-or-treating another night.  Candy overload.

Next up in our homeschool:  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle School.  I kid you not, I was asked to create a unit study around TMNT, so I've been brainstorming!

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  1. adorable trick or treaters :) love the focused looks during the pumpkin painting lol!

    1. Thank you! My daughter especially took the pumpkin painting very seriously! :)

  2. Now those are some awesomely carved pumpkins! We didn't carve this year...I turned our pumpkins into puree to freeze for treats this winter. LOL Great fall activities! Wonderful costumes! They look like they had a blast!

    1. Haha, my husband would thank you! The boys choose their design and clean the pumpkins, but Daddy still gets stuck carving!