Monday, October 6, 2014

Relaxed Homeschooling: A Day in Pictures

We don't have a classroom, we don't sit at desks, we don't use a whiteboard, and we certainly don't follow a strict schedule. We are relaxed homeschoolers at heart, and honestly no two days are alike around here. Some days we have appointments and errands, outside classes or field trips, or our regular co-op. Then there are those regular ole' days where we just stay home, so if you ask my kids what they did, it will almost sound like the chorus from The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything song, because they'll tell you they didn't do anything! So here is a snapshot of what a day at home really looks like, when we're home all day, not doing anything!

I'm participating in the Schoolhouse Review Crew's blog carnival, and the current theme is Our Homeschool Day in Pictures.  Some of these pictures were taken by the kids, because nothing is better than seeing things through their eyes, no matter how blurry!  ;-)

Morning play with little sister

Doing some reading with ESA (review) and Star Wars

Earned a certificate!

Doing math without me even asking

Middlebury Interactive Languages - review coming soon

Getting started with a Weather Kit for science

I found him drawing in the hallway . . .

. . . and I found this one cutting out Yoda's eyes . . . 

Before drawing this masterpiece . . . 

. . . which eventually turned into this!

Of course you can't color without dumping crayons out!

Our FIAR book for the week

Japanese flag

. . . and Japanese Kimonos

Sparks and geography go together this week!

She entertains herself quite frequently with random toys!

Emory pulled out the pattern blocks on his own to play

I keep track of daily activities in my planner

Afternoon walk to an estate sale and a load to carry home!

Love getting mail (another review coming soon!)

jumping on the trampoline

A walk to the grandparents--they must ask for popsicles!

playtime with pawpaw

Trimming our Box Tops for co-op

Then it's time for Daddy and dinner.  So you see...we don't really do anything!

This post is part of the The Schoolhouse Review Crew's blog carnival, Our Homeschool Day in Pictures, so be sure to check out the daily life of other homeschoolers!

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